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Jr. Integration Engineer

We're looking to add a junior integration engineer to our team of NYC-based tech superstars. This person will work directly with customers on tailoring and using company's suite of products.


- Assist the sales team in assessing the technical fit of customer requirements to company's products and services
- Assist in carrying out client on-boarding and custom coding for new and existing clients
- Provide advice and help, including hands-on coding and debugging, to make prospective and existing customers successful.
- Be able to impart key technical, product and company information to advance an opportunity while maintaining a professional demeanor and positive attitude
- Maintain direct communication with clients in person, via email and phone

Experience & skills required:

- Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
- At least 2 years experience in a customer-facing technical role, preferably as a sales engineer
- Strong development and debugging skills in JavaScript and Java
- Understanding of how ad exchanges work and familiarity with online advertising concepts and language
- BS degree

This is an on-site position - our office is in Midtown Manhattan and we're interested in local candidates only.

If this sounds like you, please apply with your resume and a cover letter describing what is a pixel to techjobs [at] demdex [dot] com.

No outsources, recruiters, and/or robots please.

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