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You spend a lot of money trying to get the right message in front of the right audience. And, if you’re like a lot of Advertisers or Agencies these days, you are also buying data to help identify and target these audiences. But are you truly capitalizing on all the rich behavioral data from your campaigns? Do you know which data you buy is working and which is just wasted money?

Now, Advertisers and Ad Agencies can capture and use behavioral data to dramatically improve performance on a single campaign or across multiple clients.

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The AdPACT privacy management platform is the “PACT” between online advertisers and consumers to give users the Privacy, Anonymity, Control, and Transparency they expect from respected companies who use behavioral data for targeting purposes. Consumers simply visit DoNotTarget.com to learn about and opt-out of behavioral targeting, and the companies who participate in this free service agree to serve default ads and content to users who have opted-out of behavioral targeting.

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