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The PACT between Advertisers and Consumers.

The AdPACT privacy management platform is the “PACT” between online advertisers and consumers to give users the Privacy, Anonymity, Control, and Transparency they expect from respected companies who use behavioral data for targeting purposes.

Consumers simply visit DoNotTarget.com to learn about and opt-out of behavioral targeting. And the companies who participate in this free service agree to serve default ads and content to users who have opted-out of behavioral targeting. The result is a win-win situation for both parties.

Demdex gives you a new found ability to integrate data into your everyday marketing efforts; therefore we had to ensure we give you the ability to enforce your customer’s privacy preferences. After all, the Customer is #1!

That’s why we went to extraordinary lengths to develop the AdPACT privacy management platform and to integrate enforcement technology throughout all of Demdex’s services. As a result, your customers get the privacy, anonymity, control, and transparency they expect from a respected company like yours.

Demdex launched DoNotTarget.com to make it easy for consumers to opt out behavioral targeting by visiting one easy-to-remember website. Demdex hopes all online companies will participate in this program and together we can build the leading cooperative of businesses which are committed to the highest standards of consumer privacy.

If you want to learn more about behavioral advertising or want to manage your current privacy settings simply click here.

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