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Level the ecommerce playing field.
Historically, only the largest, most advanced Ecommerce Companies had the technology and manpower to capture and integrate powerful behavioral and demographic data into their marketing efforts. As a result, these companies dominate search engine marketing, display advertising, affiliate marketing, and many other channels. Now, the playing field has been leveled and every Ecommerce Company can capitalize on this critical data.

Capitalize on all your behavioral & demographic data.
DexClarity is a turn-key behavioral data management solution that empowers you to cost-effectively create a “Behavioral Bank” full of robust user profiles and integrate them into all your online efforts. Every product purchase, every abandoned order, every ad buy, and nearly every action on your site is an opportunity to better understand your customers. In fact, the average online order typically has over 10 different behavioral and demographic signals to give you powerful insight into who is, or isn’t, buying your products.

No new systems to learn!
Once captured and scored, DexClarity then seamlessly and easily plugs this data into all the channel-specific tools you already rely upon for ad serving, exchange bidding, landing page and creative optimization, content serving, merchandising, analytics and much more. You don’t need to use any new tools or learn any new interfaces!

So, whether your goal is to increase lifetime value, drive down acquisition cost, or improve branding effectiveness, you will instantly impact your results when you put the power of behavioral data to work in your business.

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