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Create an invaluable corporate asset that will attract more advertisers.
Media Companies and Publishers compete aggressively in a marketplace where advertisers are demanding increased measurability and accountability from every dollar they spend. “Premium” inventory is under pressure as advertisers are beginning to buy third party data in an attempt to find their target audience at lower rates. And, many companies are experiencing an increasing addiction to ad networks for monetizing remnant inventory. Now, Media Companies and Publishers can command premium rates for their inventory by providing the superior traffic segmentation and measurability that advertisers demand.

Capitalize on all your behavioral & demographic data.
SegmentID is a turn-key behavioral data management solution that empowers you to cost-effectively create a “Behavioral Bank” of customized user segments to meet each advertiser’s demands. It captures and combines data from across your network of sites, data you’ve purchased from data exchanges or other data sellers, and data that your advertisers share. The result is a central repository of behavioral data and audience segments that will dramatically improve the monetization of all your traffic

No new systems to learn!
Once captured and scored, SegmentID seamlessly and easily plugs this data into all the channel-specific tools you already rely upon for media trafficking, ad serving, and analytics. Your sales and operations people don’t need to learn any new interfaces or use any new tools to start getting reliable traffic segmentation and delivering more value for your advertisers!

So, if you want to make the most from your ad inventory by attracting more advertising dollars at top rates, then you need SegmentID to put the total power of behavioral data to work in your business.

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